my name is Jon Tello & I am an Artist.


I am an artist

and as such God has given me a unique set of eyes with which to see the world. I notice texture, color, composition, and layout. And I appreciate the beauty that comes from putting all those things together. I see the world differently than most and want desperately for others to see and experience life through my eyes. Everything I encounter in life serves as inspiration for the art I create because of the faith I have.  I enjoy using various types of mediums when I create a reflection of the world I see. I hope all those who experience the world through the eyes I have been given are better for it. 



Painting Series by Jon Tello

What hope do people have in this lifetime? Why do religious people have a positive outlook on life? What is to come after this life ends? This series explores some of these concepts by venturing to portray biblical writings using the color, form, and texture they inspire. 


The series was also influenced by the artist’s experience as a resident in Italy. Two of the things that are deeply rooted in Italian culture are art and the Catholic church. People are naturally very artistic there as if it’s in their DNA. As a result, they place a high value on beauty and its place in the world. Catholicism is also something that has a pervasive influence on their outlook and understanding of the world. The two elements collide since every city in Italy has a Catholic church and in those churches you find different types of art that reflect their beliefs and culture. 


In these ways, The Hope of Glory is an exploration of Tello’s life, what he believes and how his faith and art intersect. Much of the art he has seen in Italy is based on the account of creation, the life of Jesus, and the Gospel writings. He wanted to compose a different concept from Scripture by looking at how it all ends as inspired by the book of Revelation. The word “revelation” comes from the Greek word “apokálupsis,” which means to reveal, uncover, or unveil. Revelation is a powerful book of the Bible that unveils the truth that there is a future hope for those who believe: the hope of glory. 


It is Tello’s desire that as you view the pieces in “The Hope of Glory” series you will enjoy some of the artistic elements adapted from Italian art and encounter biblical truths as they are expressed in his modern and abstract compositions.

About the Artist

Jon Tello was born in Mexico and came to the United States when he was a young boy. During his last year of high school Tello lived in Brazil where he was able to study art for a year. Upon graduation, Tello returned to the U.S. to attend college. While he did not pursue art school, he continued practicing art in his spare time. Throughout his life, Tello has traveled to several different parts of the world and has taken every opportunity to use his art ability to serve the community. Over the years he has developed skills in a multitude of artistic mediums including painting, drawing, photography and graphic design. Some of his art hangs in private collections. Tello currently resides in Italy where he is working with a non-profit organization using his art abilities to serve the community and the local church. He believes that God uses art to prepare people’s hearts for His truth. He strives to use his gift in a way that provides opportunity for others to encounter God and engage with that truth.
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