As Ican use and teach how different coffee machines and equipments in a coffee shop work, in order to move forward with my dream, from January I’m planning to learn how to roast coffee and use equipments employed in a roastery. My big dreams are to support church planting, to help Christian coffee farmers in underdeveloped areas of the world (Ethiopia, Indonesia etc. . .) so they can no longer live under exploitation, to support the persecuted churches, to provide working skills to those who struggle to be integrated in the society, ALL through the coffee business - From bean to cup.

This is where hellotello handcrafted pens comes in. Each of these pens are handcrafted one at a time for you. They are all one of a kind. We are partnering with Emanuele to try to make this coffee ministry dream a reality. Would you consider purchasing a pen so Emanuele can begin to learn to roast coffee (the first step to seeing this dream become a reality). Emanuele needs a coffee roasting machine and this is where the money is going to from the sales of these pens.  If you are not interested in purchasing a pen but would like to make a donation, there is an option for you as well. Thanks for your support in making this dream become a reality. 

Remember 100% goes to EMANUELE COFFEE MINISTRY Dream!

Please allow 2-3 weeks for you pen to arrive. It is being shipped out from Italy. ($10 Shipping)

Emanuel Coffee Ministry