The Mahoney Family

The Mahoneys are dear fellow workers for the gospel in Italy. They are in the final stages of raising support in order to return to Italy and the full time ministry God has called them to there. We are excited to have them back on this side of the globe serving this nation where less than 1% of the population know Christ. We would love to help them in the following way:


During the month of February 100% of the proceeds from pens sold on this page we will be donated toward the start-up costs and other ministry needs for the Mahoneys. 


When purchasing a pen here, please be sure to write "Mahoney" in the comments section to ensure that the proceeds are allocated to benefit this fabulous family. Thanks so much for your partnership in their ministry through your pen purchase. 

May these pens not only benefit the Mahoneys financially because of each purchase, but may the pens serve as reminders for their new owners to pray for the Mahoney family and the ministry in Italy. Please pray for the Mahoney family as they prepare to go back into enemy territory, for His protection and continued guidance. Pray that God would build this new ministry that He has placed in their hearts and that He would provide the funds for them to return to His work in Italy. Please also pray that God would already start to stir the hearts of the marginalized and migrant in Genoa, Italy and Europe; that the fields would be ripe for harvest upon their return.