Over the past years I have had the unexpected privilege of learning how to make handcrafted pens. A lot goes into making each one and I’ve recently created a gallery of photos here that documents the process if you want to step into my workshop for a minute and see for yourself! We don’t always understand why God allows us to learn certain things and how He is going to use them in the future, but He has given me some insight on the exciting possibilities for this new found art form. 


As many of you know, my wife is the Founder and Director of Alleanza Tesori Raggianti ( Radiant Treasures Alliance), an organization that “exists to equip, empower and unite practitioners and advocates in Italy for effective action to prevent and combat commercial sexual exploitation and promote restoration of its victims in the name of Christ”. They have several initiatives to accomplish this, but there is one in particular that we have begun to dream about together. We see a place where my artisan skills as a pen turner can intersect with the process of restoration for survivors of sex trafficking.


If you were to ask a girl being prostituted on the street in Italy today what she wants most, it’s almost guaranteed she’d say she wants a job. Survivors of sex trafficking need an alternative way of making money if they are to be given a fighting chance to rebuild their lives. One of the challenges we face for the survivors in Italy is that the cost of living there is so high compared to many regions in the world. Products typically made through a micro-enterprise business for survivors, such as scarves and jewelry, just won’t cut it in Italy.  That’s where I come in. We have envisioned a micro-enterprise program in Italy where I train survivors to make Hand crafted products.  Now that we are back in Italy I have begun working a survivor helping teach her business skills and having her hand craft some new pen pouches to go with each pen that is made. Such an opportunity will allow them to re-write their story with freedom as the theme while individuals like you write with your hand crafted pen made Italy.

Each pen that we make comes encased in a stunning pen wrap made with fine Italian wool suit material, lined with a soft cotton, and closed with a Kimono style tie. This hand-sewn Italian style pen wrap was made by the hands of the very survivor of sex trafficking who is employed (by the micro-enterprise program in Bologna) and empowered to write a new life story because of your purchase.


This is all a huge leap of faith to take this vision and run with it. Will it work? We are not sure, but we know that God uses all of our talents and feel that this is what He is asking us to do. All we can do is take one step at a time and He will do the rest. And that’s where YOU come in!


As I’ve been honing my pen turning skills for a couple of years now.  I’ve had the chance to create quite a collection of one-of-a-kind handcrafted pens. By purchasing our product you will be helping us to begin re-writing the stories of women who have been enslaved in a dark world. If you are interested in purchasing a pen please contact me.


Take a look at all of the pens available through my website and shop from your seat to find one or more for yourself, a family member or a friend! We’ll send a card along with your pen describing the bigger story behind it so that it could be the perfect gift for any special occasion. I can also take orders for custom pens or larger quantities to fit your vision for how your purchase can best fit your needs and promote freedom at the same time. All proceeds go to our ministry and we are so grateful for your involvement in this unique way!